Building Consumer Web Apps On Cloud

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Building Consumer Web Apps On CloudIf you dream of building a popular web application that can be used by tens of thousands of consumers, Cloud can be a great platform! With pay-as-you-go pricing model and zero capex, you can easily get started without worrying about the cost. We invite you to share your idea of a consumer web app powered by Cloud. If your idea is shortlisted, you will get a chance to showcase your prototype to the investors, VCs, mentors and technical experts at the AppOnCloud events in Bangalore and Mumbai.

  • Consumer web application developed using PHP, Java, Ruby on Rails, Python or Node.js
  • Relational Database choices restricted to MySQL, PostgreSQL
  • Can leverage any NoSQL database including but not limited to MongoDB, CouchDB or Cassandra
  • Application should be hosted on Windows Azure platform
  • Application should be built leveraging the Windows Azure SDKs or APIs.