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What is AppOnCloud?

Cloud Computing when combined with Mobile, Social and Open Source offers tremendous opportunities to the developers and entrepreneurs. AppOnCloud is a program to showcase the potential of Cloud Computing for the scenarios that target the consumers. It is also a contest inviting your business ideas that leverages Cloud to build the next killer app!

Why are you doing this?

CloudStory.in is all about bringing the key players of the ecosystem together. Through AppOnCloud program, we want to showcase the true potential of the developers and entrepreneurs in India by giving them an opportunity to build a killer app powered by Cloud. When you participate in this, you get a chance to showcase your prototype to the top notch investors, VCs and mentors from the industry.

Can I build any application as a part of the contest?

Since AppOnCloud is focused on consumer scenarios, the themes that are available to you are Mobile, Social and a web app built using Open Source.

Can I target any Cloud platform to host my prototype?

Among other sponsors, Microsoft Windows Azure is the Cloud Platform sponsor of the contest. You get access to resources, special offers on Windows Azure subscription and an opportunity to get your architecture reviewed by senior Windows Azure architects. Your application should be deployed on Microsoft Windows Azure platform to be eligible for the contest.

What’s in it for me?

Whether you are a first time Cloud developer or an expert on Mobile and Social apps, AppOnCloud gives you an opportunity to showcase your Cloud app idea to some of the best brains in the industry. You will receive resources and special offers to translate your idea into a reality. If you happen to be one of the finalists of the contest, you will get a chance to present it in front of VCs, mentors and technical experts. You will also get support to move from prototype phase to actually building the application.

What scenarios can I target for AppOnCloud?

Keep the consumer and the end-user in mind! You can build a mobile application that an average phone user will find valuable. Think of a Facebook application or a game that can go viral or even a simple web application that offers something unique to the consumers. The bottom line is that the application should impact the consumer segment.