Yousef Khalidi, Distinguished Engineer, Windows Azure Team

Yousef Khalidi, Distinguished Engineer, Windows Azure TeamYousef Khalidi is a Distinguished Engineer in the Windows Azure team. Windows Azure is a platform for developing, deploying, managing, and hosting cloud-based Web services. Khalidi is responsible for several aspects of the platform, centered on the goal of building a low-cost, automated, large-scale computing system, using commodity hardware, with efficiently managed shared resources. Before Windows Azure, Khalidi led an advanced development team in Windows that tackled a number of related operating system areas, including application model, resource management, and isolation. He also served as a member of the Windows Core Architecture group.

Before joining Microsoft, Khalidi was a Distinguished Engineer at Sun Microsystems. During his 14 years tenure at Sun, he held several development, architecture, and management positions in Sun’s software division as well as in Sun Labs. Khalidi was Chief Technology Officer and Chief Architect of Solaris, Chief Architect and Director of the Sun Cluster product line, Chief Architect of Sun’s N1 utility computing initiative, as well as a principal architect of Solaris MC and Spring operating systems. He shipped several releases of Sun Cluster and the Solaris operating system, and has worked on system management software, high speed networking, and memory management hardware designs.

Khalidi has published works in several areas, including operating systems, high availability, distributed systems, object-oriented software, high speed networking, memory management, and computer architecture. He holds 32 patents in these areas. Khalidi has a Ph.D. and a Master of Science in Information and Computer Science from Georgia Institute of Technology (Georgia Tech) in Atlanta, Georgia.

Janakiram MSV, Cloud Specialist and Chief Editor

Janakiram MSV, Chief Editor, CloudStory.inJanakiram MSV is the Chief Editor or A technologist at heart, he has been championing Distributed Computing for the last 14 years.

In his current role of an unbiased, neutral Cloud Specialist, he offers strategic advice and coaching to enterprises and startups. He helps them adopt and take advantage of the cloud. Founder and driving force of an initiative called, he enables Architects, Developers and IT Professionals to be ready for the Cloud and thereby get people, processes, products and business applications to leverage the benefits of the Cloud. He is also the Author of an eBook on Cloud Computing, ‘Demystifying the Cloud’ that is downloaded more than 75,000 times in 6 months.

Previously, he was at Amazon as the Technology Evangelist and before that as a Technology Architect – Cloud at Microsoft Corporation. He has been a catalyst of the Cloud revolution in India by being an independent authority on Cloud Computing as a Blogger, a Cloud Evangelist, a Speaker, an Advisor and Mentor to startups.

Narasimhan (Kishore) Mandyam, CEO, PK4 Software – Impel CRM

Narasimhan (Kishore) MandyamNarasimhan (Kishore) Mandyam is CEO of PK4 Software, delivering SaaS CRM for non-Western geographies. Starting as a developer in Infosys, Kishore has co-founded software companies inIndiaand theUSincluding Ampersand Software, Aprisa Inc., zeroCode Inc. and, most recently, PK4. Impel CRM, PK4′s flagship product, combines Cloud andMobiletechnology with an accessible business model to deliver the most effective and efficient Sales, Support and Operations solution for SMEs.



Suresh Sambandam, Founder & CEO, OrangeScape

Suresh Sambandam, Founder & CEO, OrangeScapeSuresh Sambandam is the Founder and CEO of OrangeScape a global top 10 Platform as a Service Company. OrangeScape’s Visual PaaS helps creating business applications quickly and easily. OrangeScape is also the world’s only cross cloud platform. OrangeScape is featured in multiple research reports of Gartner and Forrester. OrangeScape has a marquee customers like Citibank, Unilever, Pfizer, AstraZeneca, Fullerton and the likes. OrangeScape has partnered with Tier 1 Services providers like TCS, Cognizant, Wipro and 5 others to support enterprise implementations. Read Suresh’s guest articles on PaaS on here

Sriram V Iyer, Co-Founder & CTO, United Mobile Apps

Sriram V Iyer, Co-Founder & CTO, United Mobile Apps Sriram V Iyer, Co-Founder, United Mobile Apps (UMA) is also the Technology Editor of His interests are Mobile / Wireless technologies (esp LTE) , Mobile Operating Systems and Cloud Computing.  He has a special liking for dynamic programming languages (esp Python) and dabbles in Ruby, F# and Lisp occasionally.

Sriram was part of the team that had a vision of integrating Mobile and the Cloud as early as 2009. UMA was one of the early adopters of Azure, with their solution ( going live in 2010. It was a unique blend of Open Source Technologies (Glassfish, Java EE) on Microsoft Azure.

Sriram is also the author of ‘Embedded Realtime Systems Programming’ for Tata McGrawHill and has a couple of patents (pending) in the domain of Wireless Schedulability, Dynamic Programming languages.